Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We had an advertisement project for Joe class where we were suppose to design an ad for any product that would be used in a magazine!

As a big fan for make up and females beauty, I decided to design an ad for M·A·C Cosmetics for the spring collecetion of 2007.

Here is the picture I've used in its original format, I got it from stock exchan website :

And here is the file after I've modifided :

  • I added different colors to her lips, eye shadow and eyes.
  • I have modified her top hair by cutting it.
  • I have deleted her shoulders and her hair on bottom.
  • Selected the shades from her face to color my vector shapes.
  • Added a layer of grid and cut her face selection.
  • Took MAC logo and inverted it to match my backgroud color.
  • The description text is from MAC website for spring 2007. The header white text and the one in red is my own.


the_REDNINJA said...

not bad ... some alignment issues ...with the test layout but ok

Anonymous said...

some shoptalk;

and another man!!! Malaika, Malaika, what's going on there, be careful