Monday, March 05, 2007

Toy Factory ..

Our next assignment is to design an original toy!!! I have brain stormed some ideas for the face of my toy, but haven't decided on which one to use yet. I might draw more but once I know what the face will look like then I could draw and build my toy character and decide if it will be just a toy or an action figure :p ..

Here is my assignment details and my rough skatechs:

Project name:
Toy Factory : Starting with the ground work in 179 and applying skill learned to date from some 1st semester classes, Theory about design composition, methodology, and typography covered in 133, the basic use of raster and vector programs, file formats, scanning, organizing assets, planning for other media covered in 101.
This project will continue student’s exposure to a creative communication workflow. Plus enforce the development process of combining skills from other class then recreate what one finds in a complete creative package.

• Development of assets, this finished project will be content for future semester assignment.
• You are required to meet deadlines and conduct this project yourself and all contact in a professional matter.
• Knowledge learned from previous class addressing; font selection, graphic elements, layout, file formats,crossover of elements from other art mediums must be considered.
• The client target toy collectors
• Final output: physical super sculpy toy sculpture, painted with package prop, with each step documented
• Design is design ..if the art shows it standing it must stand I suggest creating a base
• SIZE students choice
• Budget: Plan $30.00 for your pakage printing
• Blog: Document the process from start to end, your blog must include photos, budget cost, break down of time, images of working all hand drawn ruff notes.
• Invited: Another dimension that you will not find at any other college or even programs here is I have invited several industry friends to check out your production blogs as you complete this assignment. They have been around for along time , know this is only your 2nd half of the program, but they are really interested in see how this DMA program is teaching and would like to see what students are doing. answer several studentshave question “whats the point of a blog” and documenting class assignments, this is the reason.

Theme and Style: DO your research, but this is open ended

Submission: Via students production Blogs and flickr accounts

Due Date: each section will have TBA due dates

Total: 20% of student’s final grade

Grade structure: ( all images uploaded to blog’s with detailed postings and flickr accounts )
5% Concept Art

Research on super sculpy methods
Include the following drawing > ¾ - drawing, Side, Front, Back and Close-up of detailed area
10% Production Color study using the Side, Front , and Back drawings. Create 2 color renderings( minimum for final paint Action Concept drawing using the final color choices
Sculpture design each step must me documented with photos and descriptive postings
  • Wire or base starting form
  • ¼ completed
  • ½ completed
  • 100% completed
  • Baking stage
  • After baking
  • Paint process (acrylics only ) each step must me documented with photos and descriptive postings
  • Base coat
  • ½ completed
  • 100% completed
  • 5% Package design
  • Package design
  • Final assignment staged photo shoot with packaging
All student work will be on display for the April NINJA PUB

My Skatechs so far :-

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Anonymous said...

some shoptalking, I back off, coz I know nothing whatsoever about DMA, media design, software program etc. am a no creative human being, but its comforting to know that are are people who manage these affairs as well as you