Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's going crazy in here, so intensive! The assignments all jot down tougher... Well anyways I've posted an ad on mandy.com -http://www.mandy.com/1/cast3.cfm?v=21371116- looking for actors for my short film and only in 3/4 hrs I got more then 25 responses (I guess maybe they loved the title!)... Am going nuts to bring them down and choose one, ehhhhh got to start shooting this week :'( and to finish the toy this week too and Peter's class group thingy, also I wanna do a stand up at yak yak's sometime soon. Oh my lots of stuff so little time.. Later world

ArabLady I will email u soon & thanks for writing me.. Am happy to make ur day.

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Christopher Edwards said...

Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog - it was a crazy day which makes it nice to come and relax after it all. I really like the work you've been doing. I like your advertisement!