Tuesday, March 06, 2007

To Arab Lady ..

I don't see a need for you to delete your blog, you can still keep on posting regardless of having the comments option on or off! I understand how deep is your anger toward the Islamic world, I have been there and been through it all, it's okay.

You don't know how much your blog is important to us Arab females, you stand for our right and you reflect on problems that Arab women face. Your blog is very real, that's why there will be a lot of haters standing on your face, simply 'coz you reflect the truth and so I wish and hope you find the courage within yourself to keep on writing and telling the truth through your the blog.

I have also read your post regarding Islam, dear, I understand and know your pain. I know how you feel but you have to keep on remember that men in our region tend to turn to religion to control women and yes that's so sick and so unfair. I wish if you had the chance to get out of that part of the world and live in the real world; where no one is trying to control you or control your soul. But again if that happened who would deliver these insights to the world. Keep it up Arab Lady & keep it real.

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