Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I am so pissed off (Grrrrrrrrrr) !!!! I did my advertisement project but was not able to print it in a glossy paper (Am flat broke for 6$) and so Joe said he will deduct some marks just to show me that am wrong for handing it in a normal paper!!!!

Why is the system so corrupted !!!! Specially Seneca College students privileges!!! At Humber College, students get to print FREE 100 pages per month (Hey its their privilege!) but at Seneca we have to pay 10 cents PER NON-COLORED PAPER and 1Doller for Colored paper beside that if you want it on a glossy paper you ought to pay 5 bucks more....

I don't understand how they expect us to hand in a perfect job on our assignment and treating us as if we are employers in industry. Employers get paid to do their work or to print their work on a glossy paper but students on the other hand try as hard as possible to lend money from here and there to make our ends meet!

Now in case you don't get in line with the high quality of handed projects then you lose marks??? Why ??? Simply because your broke to pay 6dollers for a printing job!

I understand its the teacher right to request a paper type for a specific project but where is our student right to get these stuff at lowered price! And where is our right as students to get FREE printing jobs even if its limited by numbers!

At Newham Campus on third floor there is a class room that has a FREE colored and black/white printer for Fashion and General Ed. students .. Why can't we have such an option??? don't we meet on same soft wares ...

Eh got to demand a change at least if not for myself and my fellow students then for the new comers who will be more then delighted to enjoy their privilege of becoming a Senecian!


Christopher Edwards said...

If you go over to York lanes they print on glossy for a lot cheaper. There is a print shop in there who does glossy prints for like 87 cents or something. You have to pay a dollar for service but still. If you are getting multiple papers printed it is very much worth it and a lot better in price. If not, you are still paying around 1.87 instead of 6 bucks!

Anonymous said...

don't really think you to have finance problems at all; and that topic don't fits for starting a discussion about global economical justice, the people in the UAE want to discuss anything but this;

so Russel, here you have to deal with Malaika, perhaps a second level?

I think so, you know that I'm just in face to MReal Zanders Gohrsmühle the famous papermill and now you want me to send you some Chromolux sheets for creative design.

I should have known earlier, some paper sheets are degenerating at home, coz I don't need them.