Saturday, December 08, 2007

Reply to arablady latest post :D Dated 1st of Dec.

Yes I totally agree that in today's world its much easier for a person (be it man or woman) to become homosexual. And thats not only in Arab world but in the whole world as all, again you do impress me with your mind. Your a very smart woman, too bad that your Arab (as if am not :p) well what I mean is that it's too bad your living in such place where your seen as object and worst you get evaluated as if your a silly project and as if you were born to be a housewife and a child birth machine. And ironically enough, after you've been used and abused in many ways then will just re-marry another woman while still keeping you to use and abuse under the religion name. Such a corrupt system, worst is when all become blind to not question or ask or even THINK of what is right and what is wrong. They are all busy of what is used to be, what a man did thousands of years ago should be done today? Stupid and silly but am seriously happy to read your blog and see you post boldly.

Myself on the other hand I can't express as you do arablady, simply cos' I get extremely emotional and start cursing on everything which at the end of the day pisses everyone off leaving a no win situation. I also admire the ability of not having a comment option on, well for me I'll leave it on for as many haters I get, I feel way better inside :D

Okay my week is going to be busy with final exams, just wanted to let you know that and soon will post again. Till then take care =)

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Arab Lady said...

7abibi thanks alot 4 ur concerns ...we are surviving & we will make it

Love u wayeeeeeeeeeed