Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why Islam world would always stay backwards from the rest!

As a Muslim women, I have the right to comment on the teacher that named a teddy bear Mohammed. for full story click here.

Okay first let me tell you how we MUSLIMS are so STUPID and BACKWARDS!

We MUSLIMS are so UNGRATEFUL and EVIL. We are the bones of SATAN and seriously what is happening today through ISLAM to others is what REAL ISLAM made of. I don`t give a fuck on what others would say about me, this has gone way too far.

I mean for god sake it was just a fucking TEDDY BEAR, a teddy bear. I know there is a lot of kids out there who call their dolls AISHA or FATIMA why don't a shit head stopped them. And seriously come on now, Mohammed is NOT NOT NOT a copyrighted name or even a trademark. There are zillions out there named Mohammed, why are we so dumb I mean our prophet had another name beside Mohammed which is Ahmed, fuck you all god fuck me with you coz I call myself Muslim. Seriously Islam is the biggest joke of the world. I`m so bothered of such news, please grow up and think outside the minds you call brain.



John_Firth said...

What makes you different then the rest of them. You sound dumb and stupid too, i just landed on this shit by mistake - oh boy u r full of crap

malaika said...

lol @ John_Firth. Well my shit makes a difference, it makes ppl. like you take the time 2 register and comment :p

Wannabefree said...

i know it sounds stupid but is this u in the photo or wht

malaika said...

which photo the one in the post nopi its the lady teacher..

thumz said...

thanks for wasting my time..