Wednesday, June 04, 2008

my heart if not my soul that is broken, words spoken but yet never strong for you to hold in. I breathe my question of god, I write and ask if there is one up above. I look around and see nothing but faces/ faces of laughter or cries ...both I can not deniy ....


Arab Lady said...

Hey Sabra
how are u
sorry have been away from checking others blogs
why honey wuts wrong with u ..the question of religion & the existence of a creator is asked by everyone...nothing came out of the blue
will write to u soon

让我们喝有些茶 在和平 said...

Hello Sabra, do you remember Russells Teapot? He left us some time ago. Me was good buddy of him, almost like a brother. But tell me, did you finish your studies by now and what’s up with your family and friends at home? Lao Tzu said:
在工作,做什么您享用。 在家庭生活中,完全地存在。 再见

Anonymous said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙