Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm still having my dark days: as a woman. I'm still swimming deep within my thoughts of finding reality and what it really means! I'm helpless at the moment thats why I can't help others, not the kids nor the women. I aim to help myself first, only then I'd be able to reach out for others to embrace.

Life is not kind, and its not 'cos am evil or bad. Am as good as the word good means to me. The cruelty of life and mankind is all raising from lies. Lies thats old and new, lies that you hear and know everyday. Lies that you question silently inside you but not aloud. For the truth is only for those who lost it, those who are marked evil and judged to burn in another lie called hell.

Human beings are the most helpless creatures alive on the planet earth. Those creatures have small brains, small thoughts and small reasons. Those creatures love to fallow instead of lead and love to believe in something that they don't REALLY understand. Sadly am one of these creatures now, am a human in this lifetime. It's not a happy time or even a happy task to be a human!

I live like a machine and to others am just a broken project, ironically enough they are holding their breath for my fixing end.

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