Monday, July 09, 2007

today i got the news that last night my cousin passed away! I miss her already long before I came here and now that am away it hurts knowing i wont see her again. She seriously touched my life in a way i would never forget. All i want to do is close my eyes but it hurts. Am so far away from their cries, therefore today i cry alone! RIP Aisha, in my heart you will always live on.....................................

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Anonymous said...

You say, "he didn`t like my gift" and I say, he didn't realize it, coz he misconceived that there are two different persons, 1. Malaika and 2. ArabLady. He thought of Malaika being only ArabLadys friend and cooperating with her within some of the latest posts.

To my opinion there where to many discrepancies between the posts, dates, tenor, topics of ArabLady's blog and those of Malaika.

Sorry, sorry, please forgive me.

What I got out were some hidden informations in the last post in ArabLady's blog. The picture gave a clear hint and the text was so strange in some way that I googled some tagged words and groups of words.

Doing this I discovered the second level. I was surprised being obviously the only one who discovered this issue. None of the other readers mentioned the aspect in the comments. Thanks for the information and amusement.

From this time on I knew that you are very special, very unique and that we share a common secret. Thank you, Merci, Grazie, Danke.

Well. I assume that you have a German connection somehow. Perhaps it’s this young wakeboard from Berlin in your company????

Attention please Arab Lady, this boy might be a pretty philanderer according to his site at Myspace. Absolutely unacceptable for an well-behaved young Arab Lady - it could cost you something very important, that Muslim men are taken in early times by a priest and Muslim women many years later by her holy spouse.

Bliss and pride of the Arab nation is depending on this tiny little veil which is not to be opened by herself but only be His Holiness. To have some experiences in former times in Europe the young men took some lessons before with an expert woman. How romantic!!!

According to these traditions its really hard for young Arab people to bear long time lasting educations and career entries. The suppression can lead to severe frustration, aggression and psychosomatic diseases. It's a great pity.

But people like to have spouses who achieved a certain success in their life already, so they marry many years later today compared to earlier times. That's how it is in Europe. Ciao my Dear.

I’m talking to you openly about these issues not to offend you, but because I know that we can communicate in a congenial and substantial way. Small talk is nothing to us. Moreover you mentioned these issues by yourself in the intro and under 23.02.07 in ArabLady’s blog.