Friday, July 13, 2007

Do you remember Sabra? the girl who used to be so hyper at Friday's arrival! All that changed now and many more changes she has to embrace and welcome with wide arms. But I'm so tired of a world where you have to struggle to be someone; where you let joy pass you and love too, just so that you can be someone! Where you ignore those who hold you down just to have your full attention on being someone.

"Life is never fair!" I keep reminding myself whenever I want to hold my joys! You see, the people who bring me joy walk out on me easily, I run to them and I make my move but hey Sabra, let go for life is never fair!

I tried to get an appointment made today with my Prof. Peter and he said "You know your PUSHY?" I gave him one of my denial looks -wide eyes opened- he laughed and said "Lets be real, there is no need to pretend here. You know that you are a pushy person?"
"Yeah but!" I said, he stopped me right there and then saying: "You want to meet me for your career but you know that will be done next semester?" I said: "Yes I understand BUT I want to do it now" . "See Pushy!" He remarked!!!!!

I went out of the room and asked JoJo "Am I pushy? I mean I know am aggressive but pushy, how would Peter know that?"

JoJo said: "Yes you are pushy..... Believe me he KNOWS!" LOOL I know its always about me, but yeah I do care about others too..

Well yes I was hurt :p but at least I know that its one of my personnel traits not something that would just pop out of no where when am not sober, nah its in me. It might be genetics or maybe not! It doesn't matter as long as I don't harm others with my uniqueness :D


Anonymous said...

Not you but the society, you are living in, needs some chance, mainly in the female interest.

I’m not in bad mood, struggle or passing love and joy. I’m with my daughter as well. She moves into Cologne Center nearby to her school after next week and we arranged the new flat last weekend. Now she is in a youth camp in Sweden for two weeks, fist time in Holiday without parents, that’s very exciting cause there are boys too … well she will have a nice time making some lovely experiences within appropriate limits and at least there’s no kayak . . . no capsizing . . . no brurrr . . .

Your bad mood impression might refer to my last post and perhaps to the profile. But they were meant as thought-provoking impulse. Well, I thought you would start arguing in the Muslin way. But you kept genuine, intelligent and showed compassion. I was pleased.

The profile is an excerpt of some famous words said by the evangelic reformer Martin Luther in the great disputation with the representative of the pope. The European enlightenment was prepared by Luther. He liberated the single believer from the authority of Catholic Church.

The other quote was a short definition of Existentialism, a philosophical movement that results from the complete failure of religions referring to the great catastrophes of the 20 th century. Camus, Sartre and his wife S. de Beauvoir, Kierkegaard and Heidegger are the most well known exponents. You have a quote of Kierkegaard in your blog.

After your last post I assume you are the admin of the arablady. Is it right?

Whey didn’t you tell my earlier? Why so complicated?

Are you afraid about me? Look, I can’t do anything bad to you, well I would even think about it. I have given you my data as a leap of faith. We have communication by internet only and thousands of miles are laying between us. I live with my wife, not married, cause there is no legal reason for it, we won’t have children, but we are a couple since years, so you shouldn’t be worried about, that I take the next plane to the UAE. Well I want to be honest: there is something emotional, it exists as a fact, and is far from being small, but there are coordinates in life, I’m no a young wakeboard from Berlin that makes it now at Eqarat. If, if, if, if is a question that is not to be asked. Sublimation by acting in a cultural and intellectual way, that’s how it could go on in some way, if both parts are interested and have a common issue.

Do you really work at But what’s the problem with it? The email was an objective request, nothing which causes difficulties for you I think. At least there is the delete button. But what should be covered. Aren’t we honest persons, acting sincerely. My wife knows that I have a new subject to discover and I’ve different communication about it, which is important, because the majority in the EU is still ignorant and without interest. But things have changed now in middle EU and I think I have done my part to it. The British are a bit crazy, but they still dream of commonwealth, they didn’t overcome till today. Perhaps when the Queen dies one day, they will realize, that situation in the EU has changed since 50 years.

But I want to be fair. I don’t want to see only the worse. I’m striving for common futurity in mutual respect. I believe that people like you and me have to communicate to try to make the best for us all. Political Blogs, well done, have political influence. And I suppose the citizens in the UAE, primarily the female half of it, which is living in a rich and well-educated society, does live under conditions to bring up a modern, humane, tolerant Islam, or do I misdiagnose the situation?

Your website is really great, I was astonished indeed. First I thought, it could be written by a European feminist intellectual, but they hardly know Arab language. And when the theses in Arablady.Blogspot are out of your mind, I suppose you to be a very modern, humane, intelligent and courageous woman who thinks clearly.

Still I wonder how this could happen, cause you seem to be much younger as I though first. Moreover my impression of educated, by traditional parents well protected Muslim girls is, that above all they are very dutifully, well behaved, goody goody, with a tendency to dumpishness. I know, cause I had some for internship and I read blogs written by Muslim girls. These girls are totally different from their brothers, who reach a rate of 80 % in the criminal statistics and are very mucho macho. But it’s mainly due to the underclass I think. Things might be so much better perhaps, if our immigrants would have the standard like the expats in your country.

Why don’t you immigrate? Silly question, yeah, when few happy people are living just above a big black oily fortune, who’s prices per barrel are going up frequently. When climate becomes worse, we will pay it back and sell you our water for good price and have a rest from working.

Well I hope to here something from you soon - for example if it’s right, that you are ArabLady or if I’m crazy.

Finally one more question about the abbreviations you use so often: what does it mean?
D, P, 7, 3, mmmmmmmmm e7m e7m, Blab Blaaaaaaaaaaaah……..Fashit Kholi2, khalas, Ana arfaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Khataba! and so on.

You want to know how I found it out? Well I was shocked, what Google can do, especially when you have started your life at the same time as the introduction of the PC took place. Data protection doesn’t exist. Ciau Ciau my Dear

malaika said...

Hey Russells,
Well mmmm am not Arablady, she is a friend of mine though that I haven't got the chance to meet in real life yet! But hey I can help you know the meanings to these words:
e7m e7m = eham eham (Clearing throat)
Blab Blaaaaaaaaaaaah = (Boring Stuff)
Fashit Kholi2 = My mood is bust! Or you busted my mood
khalas = Finishito,
Ana = Me

All of the above is in Arabic lang. and sometimes we use letters that indicates words like 7 is ha and 9 tah and '3 kha and 3 is Aa
so i can write 3abdullah which is the same as writing abduallh ..

arfaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Khataba! and so on.

malaika said...

arfaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa = board
, Khataba = lair

sorry & thanks again for stopping by my blog hope that Arablady stops by too tara i miss her ;)

Anonymous said...

I join you while waiting for the one and only ArabLady.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Malaika,

you are in the DMA class. So here comes a job for you.

Please explain me step by step, what I have to do to delete the left margin in my blog. I need the place to write as next step and as well I wanna keep the overview.
In the end it should be more dashboard like.

Perhaps you have the gentleness to give me some help. Thanks

ArabLady said...

HI malika dear,

i'm not bad still striving in is ok is major events in my life..hope u r doing great sory to hear about Aisha...may God rest her soul in peace...really i miss my blog but i have nothing to write about ...otherwise u will be reading negativity & fashit kholi2..arent u coming to dubai ..yalla come work over here after graduation ;)...

i have just read what russells wrote..would like to thank him for his comments but have no clue how he thought we could be one person..u live in canada & still studying while i'm working in dubai..well sometimes i feel like you r my younger sis! although i haven't met u yet

cheers & be strong..concentrate on ur studies & be urself..dont get a damn about others

ArabLady said...

give* a damn to others :P


malaika said...

hey ArabLady,
Wallahi laki wahsha, I know how you feel that you have nothing to write and how writing about what you feel/go through now will just bring more neg. comments :p but am happy to know ur fine!!! Wallahi i will visit Dubai sometime this year if not Sept. then Dec for sure so please keep in touch from now lol and be ready to take me around and shisha place is a MUST 3aad ma demands loool... Miss u baby and I feel like ur my sis too but am the eldest lol. Okay lataz

malaika said...

hey russels ok lets do this, first you open a notepad then go to your blogger dashboard >>>> Edit Template >>> copy the HTML code >>>> paste it on NOTEPAD >>>> then look for the text: .sidebar content - in the edit template page >>> Highlight it until you reach the text: /.profile >>> then hit delete >>> hit preview button >>>> save if you like the changes if not then play with the code for a bit ...

The code in the notepad is just for backup incase u want your template back without changes then just copy and paste it on the edit template box on top of the changed code...

Let me know how it went I hope I was clear enough :D

Anonymous said...

Hallo Malaika,
its a good feeling to work after your advice. Unfortunately I can't find the "sidebar content" - in the edit template page .
There is "sidebar" with some other adds (sidebartop-wrap or sidebartop h2 etc.) quite often, but not the word you mentioned above. And I'm a feel somehow reluctant to try different things just by hazard. I've never worked with HTML as yet.
Sorry Malaika for disturbing again.
But its not so hasty, don't hurry up. I'm on to the airport now to pick up my wife and her girlfriend. they have been in very female wellness-holiday. I find it disgusting,sitting in the spa, massage etc. laying around all the day. But I'm happy she is back and we will have some nice time at home.
Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

Hallo Malaika,

I' ve a question about software that you can estimate better than me perhaps. What is safer for communication purpose, msn or live windows on one side or Skype installed on my PC. Are they comparable? Since now I don't use Microsoft products in the Internet for security purpose, coz they are interwoven with the operating system. Perhaps you have an idea. Bye Bye

Anonymous said...

What you think about Netscape Instant Messenger? Its free-ware. Ive to admit that Ive tried anything yet. No experience.

ArabLady said...

will wait for u ...ana i smoke but not shisha:P..bas walayhimik...mwah

Anonymous said...

Hallo babe,

how are you.
Hope everything is o.k.
Ive given you some credit on my blog. Enjoy it.
The messenger will still have to wait a bit. You have to focus your own life. Last weeks Ive made some acquaintance with the terms & conditions of life in the UAE.
Best wishes and you are still in my mind tough little babe


Russell has become Joy for some reasons that are less important now

malaika said...

Joy - Russells...
Where have u been ????