Thursday, July 19, 2007

From time to time, I get a wired argue to start over. To clean my mess, and to clear my life with people that are mentally disturbed (believe me there are plenty of them)! Also to get away from those who don't seem to understand me, even if they tried. And with this aruge a decision must be made and an action must be taken. So I sit down with myself and scan the people I know in my life whether friends or mates, to check what did they bring into our share account of our relation.

So I sort these people out; some never gave in return and some took as much as they gave! Some love to stab me yet hold me as a friend and some loves to protect me till the end. Then I separate the good from the bad and I give permission for those good ones to stick around me. And the bad ones, I simply cross out! For life my friend is full of different people and different level of lessons that we must teach and learn from each other. Your job is to learn openly and give a unique lesson back then decide if you want to walk tougher or just walk alone with the lesson learned.

I don't know if am making any sense here but any ways am going through change and God I love change. I have opened a new chapter in my life, cleaned my act and paid my dues! I have walked out on some people I once called friends, I once cared for and even loved! Ironically they might not even know that I have walked on them, but with peace and perfect love I have! I embraced the experience I had with each of them knowing in my heart that am grateful for meeting such people and forever I'd be.

I have changed my contact number just in case they want to reach me. Yes I have cleared my act! Am start a new me, for that I had to decide what is my past and leave it behind my back, just walk on Sabra walk on. There is no way back!

But even with that, I kept a disturbed soul beside me, just for hopes of not being alone. Mmmm I wonder what loneliness really is! And this soul yesterday abused me, I took the phone and dialed 911 asked for police and the phone got cut. I hared sorry and please don't please! The operator called me back and I said it's ok I don't need the cops no more. Sabra, why can't I always get the job done. Just break of this prison and set myself free for I know no one is willing to save me. So I got to save me ....

One day, someday I will be so FREE ..


malaika said...

ya Allah i cant sleep n its 3am.. got Peter class after few hours oh no Peter maybe thts why i cant sleeep ....

Anonymous said...

Hallo my Dear,
Just wanna send you a hallo. Longer comment will follow. The stalker was treated in the right way. No means No, never mind what the situation is.
Well done. My daughter has passed a special self-defense course for girls offered by a sports-club. The trainer was from the police and he didn't missed out anything. Have a nice tim