Sunday, April 15, 2007

Awaaaaaaaaaaa I am facing a problem with my skate deck, the sticker is so thick and it allows air to create bubbles on the deck plus the colors peeled off I feel like killing some1. Will talk to Andrew tomorrow N see what he says meanwhile here is my skate deck sticker and the wood deck, I will upload my concept tomorrow :-) plus upload photos for my toy since Arab lady cant view it on flicker :p

A blank skate deck that I bought from Robby for $25 dollers ..

My final design printed on a sticker for $30 from Marko ..

A closer look at the size of both the sticker and the deck :-) ..

First I cut the extra line on the sticker ..

Oh my, I couldn't fix the bubbles problems on the edge!

Not only that but also the color started to peel off ~Eh Marko am gonna kill him~ but seriously he's hot lol :p

Well lets spary the deck with Acrylic Enamel paint spary to give it a great glossy finish, Marco said maybe then Andrew will give me extra marks ;) ~Finger Crossed~

Finishito am done and even though the bubbles r there yet still it looks like kinda cool :p (There is an Arabic saying that goes like "The Monkey looks like Gazelle in its mom eye" LOL ...

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Anonymous said...

real cool sticker, but you should add a pic showing the girl an skates while wearing a hijab, that would be so funny;
Now my dear, don't be offended, please allow me some a little bit of humor,
you know: humor is the smart weapon of the weak ones against the mighty ones, and you are m . . enoug . .