Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh my heart goes out to everyone back home .. I can't get any lines up here in Toronto, my dad called yesterday he said everyone is fine and that he can't reach my sister. I'm trying to call her and call my mother but no answer or no network!!!!!!!!! Am dead worried!!! This Gonu came out of nowhere, although they warned the locals and closed the city for 3 days and still we have lost many souls. Till now its 49dead and 32 not found (The numbers keep raising up!) oh my may all be well ... Here R some photos of the Gonu Aftermath :

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Anonymous said...

What do You think about aggravation of extreme weather conditions worldwide and my assumption, that shortage of oil might be less important for peace compared to increasing of CO2 and its adverse effects for agriculture, social and economic stability particularly in flat regions inhabited by millions of people
Hope your family had some wellingtons to feel safe and warm.
By the way, did You have had same bad experiences with water, perhaps a close call ?