Sunday, January 21, 2007

Oh boy .. Looking for a blog template is really hard and time consuming! I know it would be much easier if I create my own template from scratch but I have recently formatted my computer, therefore; I need time to re-install all my media programs. Imagine, I've lost all of my clip art and photographs due to a virus problem that effected my computer. Wasn't able to retrieve my data or even start windows in safe mode! So I've formatted the whole thing, giving in easily to lose my most valuable library of art work.. Mmmmmmm <---------- There is one lesson to be learned here & that is SAVE back up all your data on CDS. I know it's easy to say it then do it, but again just like everything else -------> Better be SAFE then sorry!. *I wonder how come I don't have a title option!*

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Anonymous said...

You are right my Dear, but data back-ups are so annoying.

But the loss has its good side too.

There is room for something new, a higher step of self-realization.